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Tioman, Malaysia

Pulau Tioman is an idyllic tropical island in the South China Sea, where according to Malay legend, a mythical dragon princess lies sleeping. The origin of this legend is the distinctive mountain ridge resembling a sleeping dragon, with two peaks (Batu Sirau & Nenek Si-Mukut)  known as Chula Naga, or the Dragon’s Horns, rising over 900 metres (2,950ft) above sea level.


Fishing in Tioman

Pulau Tioman has been used for at least a thousand years by ships sailing the old spice trade route between China & Europe, & the island is marked on ancient Chinese sailing charts. The two mountain peaks (Dragons Horns) were unmistakable navigational beacons for ships seeking safe anchorage from unfavourable winds & storms, & fresh water, wood, game & fruit to restock their galleys.

Tioman later became a settlement for Malay fishermen, & today there are about 6 kampungs (villages) on the island, mainly on the west coast, with Tekek being the largest & most populous.

Fishing in Tioman

Original rainforest still covers the steep slopes of the mountain ridges of Pulau Tioman, forming a haven for many species of birds & mammals. Several expeditions to study the natural history of the island have been made since the 1960’s & new species of invertebrate animals are still being found. At 20km long and 11km wide, the densely forested island is still sparsely inhabited with only 2650 villagers; a perfect setting for the Swedish TV show, "Expedition Robinson", an immensely popular reality TV show during the 1990's that ultimately inspired the American version, "Survivor".


Pulau Tioman is a 45 min domestic flight from Kuala Lumpur. From Singapore, it is a 2hr drive to the town of Mersing in Johore, followed by a 2hr ferry ride to Tioman. (This long unnecessary hassle would be eliminated if you booked your own private fishing charter with Bluesails Sportfishing, maximising both time and money!)

Pulau Tioman is part of the Rompin district of Pahang, Malaysia, and lends its name to the state constituency comprising both the island and Rompin district, including the town, Kuala Rompin.

Our 2 recommended resorts are Berjaya Resort (good for golf-lovers, with an 18-hole international-standard golf course set amidst lush tropical greenery) &

Panuba Inn Resort, where you can literally hear the waves beneath you in your room! 

Fishing in Tioman

Non-fishing guests  have their pick of recreational activities at the resorts from snorkelling in the azure waters near Coral Island (Pulau Tulai), Seribuat & Renggis, strolling along palm-fringed white sand beaches, exploring waterfalls and misty mountains or hiking through lush jungle.



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