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Late - March to end October 

Pulau Tioman offers wider offshore fishing options in deeper blue water (110 - 150ft) & located about 39 miles from K.Rompin. You can expect larger Sails (above 40kg) & juve Black Marlin (from 30kg), & ample shots at Mahi, small Tuna, Mack, Jack Trevals & Cobia. Black Marlin in Tioman Waters can range between 50kg and 150kg, in particular towards Dayang and Aur Islands, & the best period for Marlin is June to August.

Live-baiting at FADs or slow-trolling with livies will be the order of the day, combined with trolling using a proven selection of moldcraft lures & other choice lures while making our way from one FAD to the other or between fishing grounds. Those keen on bottom-fishing will have good shots at large Cobia, and fly rodders can have a cracking good chance at Mahi on flies, at some of these established FADs.

Fishing in Tioman

There are no large Tuna species in Tioman waters but you'll likely come across vast schools of Skipjack Tuna & Mackerel Tuna accompanied by Black-Naped Terns & Frigate sea birds. 

Fishing in Tioman
Fishing in Tioman

Please note that no fishing activity is allowed within 2 nautical miles of Tioman Island & eight other main islands such as Chebeh, Tulai (Coral) & Labas, as these are designated dive sites and/or marine sanctuaries.

Light trolling with spin gear will pick up a few of these small tuna (ranging from 1kg to 6kg) for onboard sashimi, followed by medium tackle trolling with lures for a shot at the juve Black Marlin that may be shadowing the Tuna schools. The location, fishing grounds or FAD selection will change daily, depending on the direction and flow of the current.

Fishing in Tioman
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